Connect With Us

God has gifted every person with skills and life experiences, not just our good ones, but the bad ones too. After all, it is in our weakness that God chooses to show his strength. The stuff that we are most likely ashamed of and regret are the very things that God has promised to redeem and use to set others free. Henri Nouwen said: “The main  question is not ‘How can we hide our wounds?’ so we don’t have to be embarrassed, but ‘How can we put our woundedness in the service of others?’”

There are things that God has equipped you to do that only you can do.

Everybody has as a gift. Everybody has a talent. Everybody has a role to play in God’s work.

What is your gift?

At NorthPointe we believe God intends to use all people and all gifts. We’d like to help you discover and deploy yours. If you’re interested in this we’d love to hear from you.


Build With Us

At Northpointe Church, we believe that the church is not a building, but a people.

We were not created to go through life alone. We believe that while God calls us as individuals, he calls us to community, that He not only saves us from our sin, He also saves us from our solitude.

He wants us to connect with Him but he also wants to connect us with one another.

No one is an island. There is a time in each of our lives when we need one another. Jesus called his followers his friends, and instructed them to love one another: to give themselves and to give selflessly to each other.

At NorthPointe you will have an opportunity to serve together with others and practice the selfless love Jesus has called us all to. We will walk together and take care of one another, building real community, as we rest in God’s perfect love for us.

Join the Vision

NorthPointe is forming teams in preparation for our launch.

Where is your passion?

  • Worship Team

    Our Worship Team endeavors to create an atmosphere of worship that ushers all into a celebration of our mighty God and his magnificent mercy and grace by creating, coordinating, and conducting the main Sunday worship service, as well as other large group events. The Worship Team produces these events through sub-teams that handle music and service element design and message coordination; music performance; stage, set, sound (A/V), and lighting design, build, and erection; as well as stagehand operations.

  • Family Team

    Our Family Team includes sub-teams that handle nursery, children’s ministry, and student youth groups. It also focuses on ministering to families by equipping parents to be spiritual leaders in their homes, guiding them through spiritual development milestones, while overseeing children and student programming.

  • Welcome Team

    Our Welcome Team undertakes the responsibility of welcoming guests into the company NorthPointe, ensuring an excellent and enthusiastic environment in which all are made to feel welcomed and safe from the moment of arrival to departure. The Welcome Team includes subteams that handle parking, greeting, welcome center activities, the café kiosk, security, and first aid, which are activated for Sunday worship services and other large group assemblies.

  • Facilities Team

    Our Facilities Team shoulders the burden of preparing our facilities to appropriately achieve the day’s purposes, regardless of the activity or event being conducted. The Facilities Team conducts all assembly, disassembly, and clean-up operations, coordinating with other teams to create an excellent physical environment that best assists the meeting of ministry objectives.

  • Communication Team

    Our Communication Team concentrates on clearly communicating content inside and outside the NorthPointe family and facilities to further the mission with excellence. The Communication Team includes sub-teams that handle TV monitors, computers and IT, as well as social media (news and marketing) and website needs.

  • Community Team

    Our Community Team is committed to creating community across the NorthPointe family, through ensuring that Community Groups have the training, materials, and communication needed to best pursue study and fellowship in relational communities of 6 to 12, as well as connect with the neighborhood community around them missionally. In addition, the Community Team plans and hosts larger events, bringing our many Community Groups together for fellowship, fun, and outreach.

  • Administration Team

    Our Administration Team undertakes the responsibility of ensuring that NorthPointe is well served administratively through sub-teams that focus on counting, recording, and depositing tithes and offerings; updating computer databases; coordination of facility usage; financial oversight and budgeting; and policy matters and business functions for the successful achievement of the church vision and mission.